What Is Being Remodeled And What Happens When?

January-April 2013
•The process will begin on the third floor where a new Board Room will be added.
•Work on the current quiet study area in the rotunda, as well as the storybook area in Youth Services will begin.
•Administrative offices will be remodeled to accommodate staff that are being relocated from the Lower Level.
•New carpeting is installed, and the collection from 2nd floor is moved to 3rd floor.
•Rotunda area will showcase a gas fireplace and comfortable seating.
•The area on north side of the 3rd floor will offer comfortable reading areas.
•Work and study areas will also be available.
•Work in storybook area in Youth Services will be completed.

March–August 2013
•Installation of a new HVAC system and boiler takes place. Work is primarily done “behind the scenes” in the 1st floor Administrative area and will not affect patron services.

May-June 2013
•2nd floor collection will have been completely transferred to the 3rd floor.
•2nd floor will be the new home to Fiction, CDs, DVDs and Audiobooks.
•New carpeting, desks, comfortable reading chairs and tables, and some additional shelving will be added.

June-July 2013
•Once the audiovisual materials are relocated, that 1st floor area will be transformed into a community commons area.
•A vending café, popular materials, the Friends of the Library book sale area, an office for volunteers, a copier and other office equipment and a sculpture donated by the Friends of Library are planned for this area.

July-August 2013
•The Fiction collection from the lower level will be relocated to the 2nd floor.
•Work will begin on this area where study rooms, a computer training room, a small meeting room, a patron computers area and a dedicated area for teens will be built.

August–December 2013
•The front entrance vestibule will be remodeled as will the lobby area.
•Self check out machines will be added here, as well as on the 2nd floor and in the Youth Services Department.
•Automated check-in and sorting will also be implemented.
•A “concierge style” information desk with a staff member will be available, as will a staffed desk for check out and other Library business.

September-December 2013
•New lighting fixtures and audio video technology will be added to the Large Meeting Room. This means programming will not be available in this area from Sept. 1-Oct.20.
•The Youth Services portion of the project begins.
•A new space just for middle school kids will be created, as wells as an early learning area for the very young.

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