Frequently Asked Questions

Phase Two FAQs
How long will the direct access to the second and third floor be diverted?
This will be necessary beginning 7/23 until 9/12.

What is the alternative way to get to the second and third floor?
You will follow the signs to enter the door outside of the Switchboard office (near the Circulation desk) and walk to the 3rd floor. Staff will be available to assist.

What if I need to use the elevator?
Staff will direct you to the elevator. Much of the construction work takes place before the Library opens.

How do I get to the Large Meeting Room for a program?
We have not scheduled many programs in that space during this phase of the project, but there are a few. To attend those, you will be directed to enter through the kitchen.

Where are the teen books now located?
The Young Adult/Teen books are temporarily located in our old Board Room area which is directly across from the current check out desk.

Where are the express computers located?
There are 6 set up in the old Board Room across from the Circulation desk.

Where are the DVDs, CDs and Audiobooks located? Where is the Fiction collection?
Please use the temporary rear stairway to the 3rd floor and then walk down to the 2nd floor to access all of those materials. Follow the signs or ask a staff member for assistance.

Where is the Friends of the Niles Library Book Sale located?
Temporarily, a collection of books will be for sale located in the front patron lounge area.

Are you still accepting donations of materials for the Friends Book Sale?
We are temporarily unable to accept donations due to the construction and lack of storage. Please hold on to them as we will begin accepting them again in the fall when the new Friends Book Sale area is open.

General FAQs
Will the library stay open for the renovation?
Yes, the library will stay open; however some areas of the Library will be walled off.

When will the renovation be finished?
The Project will be completed in mid January 2014.

How much is this costing the library?
The entire project including the replacement of the heating, ventilation and cooling system will be around $6 million dollars.

Will this renovation raise our taxes?
No. We have saved for this project.

When will this space be finished?
You will find a timeline showing when different spaces are being worked on at the kiosk in the front entryway.

Are we going to lose parking spaces?
There are no plans at this point to renovate the parking lot. We do have additional parking spaces on the east side of the building. During construction, the Construction Management firm will make sure that the sub-contractors do not take any of the patron parking.

A construction truck keeps parking in front of my house.
Thank you for letting us know. We will notify our construction manager right away and he will make sure it doesn’t continue.

FAQs about Materials
Will you have the same amount and same type of materials available after the renovation?
Yes, and we plan to make items easier to find also.

I can’t find what I need.
A lot of things have moved around while the project goes on—please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Staff members at the desks will help you get anything you need.

Is there any place to sit quietly and read or do research (during the construction involving the quiet study room)?
There will not be any quiet space on the top floor from the time renovation begins until it is finished. However, the current reference floor and the lower level will be available until the 3rd floor is completed. Our construction company is planning to do the most disruptive work before the Library is open. However some noise may still be unavoidable in certain places.

Will you have a larger lounge in the new building?
The new “commons” area will have a larger lounge/café with 8 tables and an area with plenty of comfortable seating.

Will Outreach Services be still available?

FAQs about Technology
Will computers still be available?
We will probably at times have reduced numbers of computers available, but we will be sure to have some available throughout the project.

My laptop drops the Wi-Fi signal in certain areas of the Library and sometimes websites load so slowly they time out. Are you fixing that?
As you probably know, the Wi-Fi can be disrupted by walls in the building, so the construction project may lead to more occasions of Wi-Fi interference. We will do our best but this may be an inconvenience until the project is completed and we are able to adjust our access points.

Will the fax machine, copiers and scanner be available?
Our goal is to keep this equipment available throughout the process. There may be short periods of time while it is being relocated that it will not be available, but it will be limited. We will let everyone know as well in advance as possible when that down time will occur.

Will you update your website as well?
Our website is being completely redesigned in the coming year.

FAQs about Programs
Will the renovation affect the programs offered?
Yes, although we will offer our usual wide variety of summer programs, Youth Services will need to cut back on its fall programming while it is under construction. Some programs such as adult book discussions can still be held, but may be in different spaces at different times.

Will certain annual programs be cancelled this year?
Our annual programs such as Battle of the Books and the Veterans History Breakfast will be held as usual.

What about programs in the Large Meeting Room?
There will be a short window of time in the early fall where the room will be undergoing some upgrades that will prohibit programs from being held.

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