Our Main Entrance is Now Open!

We’re so excited to announce that Bing rewards dashboard is officially open!

Now you can check-in your materials via our new automated return system. In the photo above our Library Director, Linda Weiss, is checking in a DVD using the new system.

On your way home, check out your materials using one of our new check out machines. If you need any assistance, our Patron Services staff is available to help you.

Stop by tonight to see what’s new at the Niles Public Library. We’re open until 7pm!

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Name the Sculpture Contest

The are sponsoring a contest to name our new sculpture.

Suggest a name and add an explanation as to why you chose that name by clicking on the entry form link below.

Grand Prize: iPad

All ages of Niles Public Library cardholders are welcome to participate, but only one entry per person will be considered.

The contest deadline is January 6.

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Lower Level Now Open!

We’re so happy to announce that the newly renovated Lower Level is now open.

What’s in the new Lower Level?

  • Patron and Express Computers
  • Study and Meeting Rooms
  • Technology Training Lab
  • Teen Underground (a space just for teens)
  • Teen Collection
  • Copy Machine
  • BookScan Station (free scanner and fax machine)
  • And more!

A staff member is available at the Lower Level desk if you have any questions.

FYI: We hope to see you at our annual Holiday Open House this Sunday at 2pm.

Enjoy a performance by The Four Bettys and refreshments after the show.

Also, this gives you a chance to stop by and check out the new spaces!

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New KidSpace Program Room

Here’s a sneak peek of the new KidSpace program room.

If you look close, you’ll notice there’s two doors to enter: one for adults and one for children.

Isn’t that aDOORable?

We’ve entered the final stage of the KidSpace department renovation.

Please ask a librarian if you need help finding materials because we’ve shifted some during the renovation. We’re here to help!

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Construction Update: Teen Underground, 1st Floor Restrooms

The big reveal of the newly renovated lower level will be in early December.

The lower level will be home to study and meeting rooms, computer stations, computer training lab, Teen Underground (space just for teens pictured to the left), and more.

Also, be aware that the 1st floor restrooms by the Large Meeting Room are currently closed for renovation. They will be closed for the next couple of weeks. Please use the restrooms in KidSpace or on the 3rd floor.

Have you tried our new Self Check Out machines? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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New Self Check Out Machines

Checking out items at the Niles Public Library just became even easier!

On your next visit to the Library, try out our new self check out machines in Circulation and on the 2nd floor (more coming soon).

The system translates into over 50 different languages, which makes it easier for English Language Learners to use the machine.

Soon you’ll be able to pay your fines at the machines with your credit card.

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Niles Public Library Unveils 15-Foot Tall Wood Art Piece

The new Niles Public Library sculpture, now located in the renovated Commons area on the first floor, was designed and created by well known Chicago artist Terry Karpowicz. Paid for by the Friends of the Niles Public Library, the artwork stands 15 feet high and is constructed from red cedar wood. Located in the stairway atrium, the sculpture is best viewed close up. Visitors to both the lower and upper levels of the Niles Public Library will have views of the artwork from a variety of angles.

Karpowicz, who has exhibited his work throughout the United States and Soviet Union, has sculptures on display in and outside of many public spaces in the Midwest. According to the artist, the inspiration for the design of the sculpture came after he spent time observing the visitors to the Library and discussing the wide variety of individuals who use the Niles Public Library with Director Linda Weiss. His creative ideas began to emerge as he recalled his time collaborating in the Soviet Union with several other artists more than 20 years ago. “None of us spoke the same language, yet we were all had a common vocabulary based on the form and mass of the work. The idea that the Niles Library community is made up of a very diverse population who are all bonding and coming together to learn, be inspired and recharge is portrayed through the construction of the artwork.”

The artist likens the work to a giant puzzle, with each piece separate and independent, but joined together to create a whole, much like the Niles Library community. The only help Karpowicz had with his creation was from his assistant Ceyda Akosman who calls him her mentor. The work has been a labor of love for both of them during the past year.

Knowing that children are important members of the Niles Library community, Karpowicz said they will enjoy figuring out how many wooden butterfly joints are part of the sculpture and with a close inspection, they will discover a number of wooden inlays embedded in the piece.

When asked about the abstract nature of the artwork as a choice versus a more traditional piece of art, Karporwicz explained, “A library is a place for people to open their minds and use their imaginations. Each person that looks at the work will bring their own history and background to their interpretation of the piece.”

After a nearly two day installation at the Library, when the final bolt was fastened on the brackets that anchor the artwork to the floor, Karpowicz took time to admire his work. “The form suggests that there is energy derived from the actual Library that is “funneled” upward through the “legs” to create the swirling mass of rings up top.” The many visitors who will spend time viewing the artwork will surely all have their own unique perspectives, but as the artist suggests, it is bound to fuel their imaginations.

The Friends of the Niles Library are sponsoring a contest to name the new artwork. The contest kicks off on December 1, 2013 and entry forms, available at the Library and online, will ask for the suggested name and an explanation on the choice. The winner will receive an ereader device. All ages of Niles Public Library cardholders are welcome to participate, but only one entry per person will be considered. The contest deadline is January 6. More details will be available in the upcoming Niles Public Library newsletter available at the end of November and on the Library website

His comment is here
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